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Good Sarmaritan EVents - 

14920 Balm Wimauma Road, Wimauma FL 33598

These are events put on by the Good Samaritan. The American Markets Company vendors will be able to sign up through our page to attend these events as vendors. 

The fee might vary per event and a percentage of the fees get donated back to the Good Samaritan (a non-profit organization)

February 18, 2023 - (Full on Lemonade) (1 total vendors, 74 spots left)
YARD SALE DAY - We will be soliciting people wanting to set-up for to sell yard sale items; however vendors can participate with used or your regular products. 

* Simply Lemonade - Ruth Foss

March 18, 2023 (Full on Lemonade )(1 total vendors, 74 spots left)
Spring Festival "Blooms & Butterflies"

* Simply Lemonade - Ruth Foss