The American Markets Vendor Application & Agreement


Thank you for your interest in participating in our Markets/Events.


Vendor prices vary by location and event. After submitting this form, your application will be reviewed. Payment is not accepted until your application is approved and you are contacted by Ruth Foss.


Applications are with American Markets Company, not any specific market location. Unless information on your application changes drastically no additional application for other locations or dates is necessary.

We are accepting all MLM/DS with the exception of  Norwex, Color Street & Avon.  We are not accepting applications for lemonade vendors at this time. 

Market Vendor Rates:
Odessa Market at Starkey Ranch $40 - 10'x10' space Jan-Dec

Belmont Market $30 - 10'x10' space July, Oct, Jan, Apr 

Bexley Market $30 - 10'x10' space Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr

Waterset Market $40 - 10'x10' space July 31st & August 28th  

Specialty Markets - to be announced in our Vendor Group 

By filling out this application and submitting it for approval, You agree that you have read the FAQ's and agree to abide by the policies and rules set forth by reading the FAQ's.